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Издателство „Аквариус” носи името на зодиакалния знак Водолей, на латински – Aquarius.

Епохата на Водолея се асоциира със засилено индивидуално, социално, културно, научно и технологично развитие и глобализация. Смята се, че тази епоха ще доведе човечеството до универсално братство, ще развие способността ни да решаваме социалните си проблеми по начин, благоприятен за всички, и ще ни даде възможност за интелектуално и духовно израстване, тъй като Водолеят е въздушен, научен и интелектуален знак.

Всичко това в значителна степен определя тематичния кръг на предлаганите от нас заглавия, чийто подбор не копира световните класации на бестселъри, но удовлетворява онези интереси и потребности на търсещия читател, които книжният пазар често оставя без отговор.

Основният акцент в издателската ни програма пада върху поредиците: Художествена проза, Историята като автобиография, Приложна психология и Духовни учения.


Welcome to the website of our Publishing house!


Publishing house ‘Aquarius’ carries the name of the zodiac sign Aquarius, the Water-Bearer.

The Age of Aquarius is one of the twelve astrological ages. Aquarius is associated with an increased individual, social, cultural, scientific and technological development and globalization. It is thought that this age will lead humanity to universal brotherhood, will develop our ability to solve social problems in a way which will be beneficial for everyone, and will give us the chance for intellectual and spiritual growth. This is so, because Aquarius is an air sign, scientific and intellectual, while his governing planet – Uranus – is connected to intuition (knowledge beyond the rational) and the direct perception from the heart.

All of this has to a large extent determined the books we have chosen to publish. The following series are indicative for the course and program of Aquarius Publishing House: 

- Works of prose and fiction, oriented towards the "small", i.e. personal story, through which unknown pages of the larger story, i.e. history, can be revealed.

- Works of poetry, prose and fiction.

- Applied psychology, in whose focus are children as well as adults.

This series features books of the popular European child psychologist Jirina Prekop. Also, one of the most respected German specialists in practical pedagogy Ludwig Koneberg and Silke Gramer-Rottler, whose evolutionary model for the unfolding of children's potential has been widely used in German schools, and is now through our publications also gaining popularity in Bulgaria. 
Jirina Prekop's book, in co-authorship with Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, could be used in this case instead of a theme of the series - "The treasures in our children. Searching for what we ourselves have lost."
The books on adults focus on everyday and life competence, the overcoming of undesirable behaviour models and spiritual growth.

- Tales and stories. This series could be termed "innovative", since it introduces the readers with collectors and authors of excellent tales, never before published in Bulgaria.

- Books from the literary remains of the German mystic Jacob Lorber, belonging to the multitude of scientists, philosophers and mystics Emanuel Swedenborg, Jakob Böhme, Joachim of Fiore and others.

- Books on health and healing are also present, although occupying a rather small place in our program for now.